Barnie's Coffee

Regular, Decaf, Santa's White christmas, Flavors of the day Try our special morning drink for a special day. Barnie’s Coffee is not just a cup of coffee, it is a splendid hot drink with a rich flavor that makes your ready for the most interesting adventures of the day. It will help you to have a lot of bright ideas and decisions. And don’t forget to choose one of our special desserts, because they match perfectly with Barnie’s coffee.


(ground to order) Taste the finest espresso in the area. It is freshly ground and made from deep roasted beans. That’s a perfect drink to start a busy day. Very strong and powerful, it will become your favorite drink. Don’t hesitate to order, your espresso is waiting for you.

Cappuccino, Latte, Mochacino

& other coffee specialties Our coffee-based drinks are real masterpieces. Cappuccino boasts a thick layer of milk foam and tastes awesome. Latte is a perfect balance between high-quality espresso and steamed milk. Mochaccino is loved by admirers of sweet coffee drinks with some whipped cream. Also, choose a dessert for your coffee, we have a plenty of nice ones.

Hot tea

is an ideal drink for your meal. It is both perfect with your favorite dessert or lunch. Our collection of teas gives you an opportunity to feel the diversity of this lovely drink. Various smells and tastes, just choose one right now.

China Mist Iced Tea

is a refreshing and exotic drink you will surely love. It will remind you of your best travels. According to your taste, you can choose mango, passion fruit or blackberry jasmine tea. Every taste is unique.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Treat yourself and your friends with our delicious smoothies. The splendid combination of fruit and milk is superb. They are both beneficial for your body and soul. We are happy to offer you a smoothie with your favorite ingredients. Fresh Squeezed juices are super great! They are really fresh, so you can feel every ingredient in them. Brighten your day with these terrific drinks! They are so full of vitamins!

Fresh Squeezed

orange juice or grapefruit juice


Apple, Tomato, Cranberry Enjoy our high-quality juices with your friends and families. Fruit, vegetables and berries will power you with optimism and a good mood. Orange, apple, cherry, grapes or tomato – make your choice today!

Milk or Chocolate Milk

Milk Your kids will be very happy to try our milk and chocolate milk. It is absolutely delicious and a great source of Vitamin D and Calcium. Grown-ups can also join and try these amazing drinks. Coke Fountain For the admirers of fizzy drinks we have our great coke fountain. Any time you can enjoy Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta with our dishes and desserts. The sparkling adventure should happen today, do you agree?

Coke Fountain

(Coke, Diet Coke, .....)


Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet Savignon, Merlot... by the glass If you have a special occasion or just a nice party with friends, make it more joyful with Sutter home wine. This family boasts a long history of winemaking. You can try traditional types such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, as well as more casual ones, Moscato and Sangria.


a whole split of sparkling wine mixed our fresh squeezed OJ is a nice decision for a party. This festive drink combines Champagne and orange juice and is very popular at celebrations. So joyful and tropical, this orange drink brings a lot of optimism.


Both Domestic and Imported


Vanilla cappuccino & Murphy's Irish Cream


Evian, Perrier and other selections