Desserts at Pier 1.7 Cafe are not just taken from the freezer…… BUT baked fresh and delivered to our door. One of our priceless assets is our affiliation with Cakes by Nomeda.

Nomeda Baronas comes to us from Lithuania, bringing with her mastery of the patisserie craft, which she so graciously shares with us.

With her European training, Nomeda has been sculpting cakes and desserts for over twenty years, that are unique not only in their exquisite taste, but in presentation as well. Each is truly an individual work of art.

Her cakes showcase her well-rounded, cultured training not only in bakery but in classical arts and she has proven to be a genuine artist.

We take great satisfaction in our ability to arrange magnificient specialty cakes for weddigs, receptions and parties through Nomeda…

We will be more than happy to arrange an appointment to discuss the needs of your special occasion.


Irish Coffee

If you want to try a special coffee, order our Irish coffee. That’s actually a great cocktail combining coffee, Irish whiskey and cream. Have you ever imagined a coffee for a celebration? This one is exactly for parties! And don’t forget to say “Cheers!”

Bottled Waters

You can always have a bottle of water to take with you after the meal. We are happy to offer you high-quality water all day long. By the way, it is the most necessary drink everybody has every day. We are happy to order you such a special drink.

Chocolate Indulgence

This terrific cake is for those who really love chocolate. The fans of amazing desserts, don’t miss it! Delicious cake with finest Belgian chocolate and white chocolate filling. Such dessert is a real luxury. Try it with one of our teas or coffees. Don’t miss this chocolate temptation! Once you try it you will want to repeat this wonderful experience. A giant mouthful of chocolate pudding sandwiched between two layers of dark moist chocolate drenched cake

Nomeda's Signature Cake

An unimaginable blend of delicious perfection (contains nuts) - You didn't expect us to give out our secret ingredients, did you? Nomeda offers you amazing cakes for such special occasions, as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. If you want to have something special on your table during the celebration, we’ll help you to order a wonderful cake by Nomeda. Every cake by the artist is unique. You can transform your thoughts and emotions into a special cake. It will be baked and decorated the way you and your family like it. That’s a great experience! Give it a try!

Carrot Cake

is a traditional cake everyone must try. This cake is made with fresh carrots and toasted walnuts, also filled and later frosted with cream cheese and sprinkled with orange zest. It is finished with toasted walnuts and candied carrot peel. Such cake is really popular among families with kids and lovers of old bakery traditions. And really this cake boasts a long and interesting history. Since the medieval times, bakers have added carrots in their cakes because they are sweeter than any other vegetables. We recommend this cake for warm family celebrations or an afternoon cup of tea with a friend. From an old family recipe, fruity and moist (contains nuts)

New York Style Cheese Cake

A silken smooth cheesecake; hand fired and glazed in simple elegance Are you looking for a traditional and world famous dessert?! Then you must choose our New York style cheesecake to accompany your tea or coffee. It surely has a famous graham crust and rich creamy filling properly baked. Don’t miss it! It is interesting to know that American Cheesecake was invented in the 1900s, and it became famous for its simple cream cheese and egg yolks make-up. This cake is very tender and romantic, ideal for dates.

Big Apple Pie

Mounds and mounds of tart, fresh, crisp apples, saucy with cinnamon and apple cider. Do you like apples? Does a piece of apple pie remind you of the happy childhood, spending time with granny in the garden? If it does, then you must try our awesome Big Apple pie. That’s a wonderful and healthy dessert everybody admires. You`ll love the tart, fresh crisp apples and crunchy granola crumbs on the top. Take a chance to try this apple dessert. As you know, an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Apple pie as well, of course!