Preparation of macarons is a process with a mass of details and nuances. At the master class Les Macarons Magnifique you will learn all the basics for the perfect preparation of these cakes.
We will make truly perfect and tasty macaroons with different varieties of fillings together!

Information about the master class
Duration: 5 hours
Date: January, 25
Number of people in the group: 10
Cost of the master-class: 60$
To sign up for the master-class call: +1 252 212 2514

You will know the main secrets of ideal macarons:

Some of the main products are protein and almonds. What kind of protein is suitable? What is the difference between the preparation of almond flour of own or factory production?

Our task is to answer such questions: how to mix the mass properly? What do you need to do so that the macarons will not be cracked? How to avoid “color fading” when baking macarons?

Light shiny, full and “fleshy” middle of macarons – the result of perfect cooking. The interaction of temperatures, recipes, and seemingly insignificant trifles, will help achieve an ideal result.

You will achieve an incredible palette for your taste: chocolate, spices, vanilla, coffee, pistachios, raspberries, blackcurrants, salted caramel, cherry, brown sugar, sugar candy, Champagne, violet, and many others.

Our main task is to show how by the help of correct knowledge and techniques you can quickly prepare macaroons at home, using a home oven, instead of professionally, and an ordinary home mixer.

Desserts which will be prepared on the master class:

  • Original Macarons – the basics and trivia of cooking, baking
  • Macarons with Grapefruit
  • Macarons with cream blackcurrant
  • Macarons with ganache chocolate basil – Gorgonzola
  • Kake based on Macarons with raspberry confi and vanilla litchi mousse

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