Welcome to our cafe! We really love this place and hope that you will enjoy it and like our tasty meals. We are happy to serve you our special breakfasts and lunches. Our menu is diverse and pleasant.

Everybody knows that breakfast and lunch are important meals of the day. Healthy food gives you energy and a good mood. If you don’t have enough time to cook meals at home or want to meet friends or colleagues, you are most welcome. You will like our cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and food cooked with love.

Our staff chooses the best ingredients for our dishes, visiting local vendors and markets.
Our lunch and breakfast menu is well-balanced and rich in vitamins. This is really important!
Breakfast is served at the very start of the day. If you have a delicious and, what is also necessary, nutritious meal in the morning, adding a cup of finest coffee with a superb dessert, your day will be amazing. And also it is very healthy to have a proper breakfast, not just a chocolate bar.
Visit us for a breakfast and feel the energy of our dishes.

As the day goes by, lunchtime is already here. And surely you have to try our delicious lunch!
Have a pause, relax from your work and join us for lunch.
As we have weekly specials, we are extremely happy to treat you with diverse and healthy food every day. During the week you’ll meet a nice selection of lunches.
Lunch is healthy and necessary for your body. Surely it can’t be compared to a snack or fast food.
Our lunch includes a salad, a soup, a second course and a drink.

While having your lunch in our cafe, forget about all difficulties and enjoy it. We ensure you that after our lunches your mood will be perfect.
When we cook lunches and breakfasts for our clients, we follow doctor’s recommendations to make our food healthy.

Let’s see what food we all need every day:
-Fruit and vegetables are super important. It is adviced that they take half of your plate during meals.
Grains such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and oatmeal are also necessary.
Dairy products should be taken every day for a well-balanced diet.
Protein. As protein is really important and lots of food contain it, you can make protein choices every time ordering your meal. If you looking for food rich in proteins choose fish, seafood, lean beef, poultry, beans, eggs and peas.
To combine a healthy lunch and a friendly talk invite your colleagues and friends to visit our place. We are always happy to see you and your friends in our cafe!

Breakfast AND Lunch

Eggs Benedict International $9.50

poached eggs with Canadian bacon asparagus in a pastry shell served with hollandaise and a Cafe side

Morning Glory Waffles $7.95

this savory blend of Belgian waffle with carrots, cinnamon & apples topped with blueberries, toasted walnuts & coconut

Roast Beef Bleu's $8.95

on a toasted Kaiser roll placed warm roast beef, bleu cheese, toasted walnuts and a fresh basil horseradish mayo: served wit a choice of side

Buffalo Chicken Salad $8.95

fresh chopped Romaine topped with bleu cheese, apple wood bacon diced tomatoes and buffalo style tenders then topped with seasoned croutons

Grilled Atlantic Salmon $19.95 ($12.95 ala carte)

Grilled skin-on salmon served with a pumpkin seed vinaigrette & celantro pesto

Chicken Picatta $18.95 ($11.95 ala carte)

Sauteed Chicken breast with lemon, capers and butter; served with fresh asparagus

Blackened Prime Rib $20.95 ($13.95 ala carte)

Slow roasted and topped with horseradish aioli, & fried onions; served with garlic mash

Pasta & Shrimp Arrabiatta $19.95 ($12.95 ala carte)

Sauteed Shrimp in a spicy marinara served with linguini
Dessert & Garden Salad included in the PRIX FIX Dinner (4 courses in all)

*We also serve Beer & Wine

& Coca Cola Products